Diet 50i symphony air cooler

It has remote control system whit the cooler which is very nice. I use air cooler at outdoors as well as it has its legs named trolley The cooler completes 6 months in our home but till now when starts, it cools the room in only 15 to 20 minutes.

Symphony Symphony provides a range of perfect air coolers to defeat this summer. To make sure that the user knows about the tank status and sense exactly when to refill it, the water level indicator does justice to just that.

The Honeycomb cooling media ensures uniform flow of cool breeze across the coverage area. This prevents health hazards and brings hygiene and wellbeing. The company currently offers honey well model air coolers. I use this cooler and after using the cooler now i can told you my experience with this cooler.

It has a capacity of coverage area as extensive as that for rooms of 57 m3. You can select the accurate size for the air cooler by measuring the CFM needed for your room. This feature serves for greater durability with a long lasting life of the cooler.

Khaitan Khaitan currently offers 7 types of water coolers for customers.

Symphony Diet 50i 50 Litres Air Cooler Price

The moisture drips through into a collection tank which has to be occasionally emptied for repeated use. A larger room would also need an air cooler with a larger tank.

Symphony Diet 50i Tower Honey Pads

This produces impactful cooling. At such an affordable price, this is the best buy for the customers seeking air coolers in the scorching summers.

Honey Comb Pad: Symphony Company is best in air cooler manufacturing and I am happy with it Was this review helpful? Cooling Capacity With a tank capacity of up to brim till 50 Litres for long lasting cooling, this portable air cooler is detailed with a Cooling Capacity for rooms up to 57 cu mt.

Page 10 If you wish to discard this product please contact your local authorities or dealer from where it was purchased and ask for correct method of disposal. It makes sure that the cooler remains well preserved along with superior functioning. This not only makes the air more comfortable as it removes signs of humid indoor climate but reduces your risk of respiratory illnesses too.

They do not cause any environmental problems and available as per your need.

Symphony 50 Ltr Diet 50T Air Cooler White

The power consumption readings are V clocking at 50 Hz frequency. These air coolers use up to 50 percent less power than a fundamental air cooler.

Symphony Air Cooler — servicing/spare parts

They are the best choice for you if your home faces continuous power cuts.Baumarkt. Wählen Sie die Abteilung aus, in der Sie suchen möchten. Symphony Air Cooler Ask Price The Symphony Air Cooler is highly efficient in performance and provides ample air throw to chill the entire area where it is installed.

The Symphony Diet 50i Air Cooler has three speed controls.

Symphony DiET50i Evaporative Air Cooler

symphony air cooler price is also affordable. It is also one of the best cooler in India because it alerts you when the water has run out.

Product Information. Symphony Tower Cooler pet SOD is a sleek model tat is known for high air velocity. Procured from fle genuine vsfmorocco.comd vendors,our symphony Tower cooler is dura vsfmorocco.comm and 50 liters Symphony Diet 8i Air Cooler with iPure Technology.

Symphony Diet 8i Air Cooler with iPure Technology FEATURES For rooms up to 23 m3/ Powerful, sleek extra large evaporative air cooler that will provide welcome relief in hot weather.

It is quiet and low-cost to operate. This good-looking unit provides straightforward air cooling, either inside or .

Diet 50i symphony air cooler
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